Urgent Needs Animals

This page is devoted to those animals that need more than just an extra helping hand - we deal with that all the time, the ones on this page need so much more. Please help us help them, your donation of time, or money could not be spent for a better cause.

Would you like to become a Mercy Foster? Do you have supplies or money to donate? If so please contact us.

We appreciate your help in any way.

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Meet Mercy Fund's most recent addition to our urgent needs section. Her name is Precious, and she is just that.

She has been attacked by something - no one is really sure what. Whatever it was, the injuries are massive and require urgent care.

She will need a lot of care to overcome the injuries, right now our largest expense (other than veterinarian costs) are the three times a day bandage changes. The wounds are expected to take the next three months to heal properly.




It was tough to even come up with pictures of Precious that didn't look absolutely horrible, we honestly cannot put pictures of her injuries online, they are just too hard on the eyes, and especially the heart. Precious is such a sweet heart, we don't want her being thought of as an 'ugly dog'.

If you can help, either donating some bandages, money to offset her care, or even some of your time to help Mercy Fund care for Precious and the ones like her, please contact us or Marion Animal Hospital.





Hello, my name is Barney and I'm a little old Pomeranian mix weighing 11 lbs (I should weigh about 20 lbs). I'm about 10-15 years old, blind and I have diabetes.

Before you make up your mind about me, please keep on reading. I was just rescued on 10/22/09. I was found wandering- very thin and very thirsty. I had been eating corn from a field to stay alive. I was so happy to be rescued!!

Despite my blindness I'm a very capable guy; I walk into things, change my direction, and move along. I'm not at all scared. I wag my tail when I hear my foster mom's voice and give her kisses. When she takes me out I immediately potty.




The trouble is that I'm an old guy with special needs. I'm looking for a family who can enjoy me until it's my time to go to the Rainbow Bridge.

I do need extra care. Right now my foster mom is trying to raise money so I can get on insulin and get my teeth cleaned. I'll need to be given shots twice a day and be fed on a regular schedule. Because of my diabetes I drink bunches and pee just as much. So I'll need someone to take me out many, many times a day and be patient with my accidents.





Luckily I'm a small guy so I make small messes. :-) If you have extra time and love to give me I'll be your faithful companion and I'll be the first one to meet you at the Rainbow Bridge.

If you’d like to donate towards Barney’s medical care please send your check payable to the Mercy Fund at PO Box 2371, Marion, NC 28752.

Here is a breakdown of the expected costs through Animal Hospital of Marion with our rescue group discount:

  • $27 heartworm test
  • $44 blood work
  • $150 initial stay at hospital to start insulin regulation
  • $30 per month for insulin meds
  • $88+ future blood screening to check insulin levels & make adjustments


Dusty in Rescue


We have rescued a 7 1/2 yr old red tick boxer mix his name is Dusty. He was born 9/11/01 and he has been chained all his life. He has never even had vet care.

Mercy Fund was able to get him from his owner - who was not taking care of him. We had been sneaking and feeding him for years until finally one day the man gave him to us. We have been worked on getting him fattened up, healthy, crate trained, and being in the house (for the first time in his life).

The first time I had to drag him in - now he does not want to come out. We went for the first vet visit today and sadly, yet not unexpectedly, the vet found him to have heartworm disease. Dusty needs to be treated for the heartworms, neutered, along with the routine care he has lacked for so long.


Dr. Jennifer says he is amazingly healthy and thinks he will do well with treatment and have a good life . We are highlighting Dusty on this page in hopes of getting some help with his care. We can honestly use about anything - any help at all - no amount is to small!

Not Out Of The Woods Yet

We wanted to update everyone on Dusty.

He has had a lot of coughing with his heartworm treatment. He has been taking his steroids and antibiotics as prescribed, and he is hanging in there. He went to vet today and got the last shot and so for he is doing OK.

The next couple of weeks or so are a very dangerous part of his treatment and recovery. Please say a prayer for him as he is not out of the woods yet.

You can help any of our urgent needs animals get through all their needed treatment
by donating directly to:
Animal Hospital of Marion 828-724-4774
donations are accepted over the phone in the name of Mercy Fund or the urgent needs animal.

Or by US Mail -you may send a check to:

Mercy Animal Rescue
PO Box 2371
Marion N.C 28752

Thank You for anything you can do!

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